Terms and conditions

Fysio.com always strives for a highest quality of care and guidance.
There is a chance that random checks take place in which you can be chosen (anonymously). If you object to this, then you must make this known to your practitioner.

The use of the fitness equipment is at your own risk.
When using the fitness equipment, you must ensure that it is let neatly afterwards.

If you choose to be treated with us, you automatically choose to agree with the general terms and conditions, the treatment, privacy and complaints procedure.

These can be found on our website: www.fysio.com. If you want it on paper, we can print the documents for you.

We have contracts with all health insurers. Do you want to know how you have been reimbursed? Then you can contact your health care provider yourself. You are responsible to do this for yourself. If you do not receive reimbursement from your health insurer, the treatments are then for your own account.

Terms of payment

  • These payment conditions are linked to the current practice regulation applicable between you as a client and the physiotherapist.
  • The customer is at all times responsible for the reimbursement of physiotherapeutic consultation (s) and therefore for keeping the maximum number of treatments to be reimbursed under the health insurance and for any prior authorization and / or renewal.
  • Appointments must be canceled 24 hours in advance. Agreements that are not canceled or canceled too late will be charged to you personally.
  • You must pay for the treatments immediately after the treatments by pin and we do not accept cash.
  • If the payment has to be paid by invoice per invoice, then this will take place within 14 days after the invoice date.
    After this period has expired, the physical therapist will be free to take collection measures without further notice of default. In addition to the declaration, statutory interest will also be claimed.
  • All costs incurred with the collection of invoiced amounts, including extrajudicial costs, are borne by the customer.

We attach great value to your personal information and therefore do everything to process it safely. You can find our privacy statement at www.fysio.com and it is also available in the practice.

Sign Up for Treatment
Upon registration you will be asked for your name, address and residence details (including ID-proof), your insurance and, if applicable, the referral letter.
The first appointment is an intake, and this will take about 45 minutes. The intake consists of an interview and a physical examination. We strive to always treat immediately. Based on the results from this study, a treatment plan will be drawn up. This treatment plan will include the form of therapy and the number of treatments and this will be discussed with you.
You are entitled to inspect your own treatment file at all times.

Sign Out or cancel treatment
If an appointment cannot take place for any reason, this must be reported 24 hours before the agreed treatment. If this does not happen, we are forced to charge you for the costs incurred.

During absence or vacation, one of our colleagues will take over the treatment. This is so that the therapy can continue optimally. If possible, we will always inform you in advance. If you object to treatment by a colleague, you can indicate this to your practitioner.

Wearing sportswear and indoor or exercise shoes is mandatory in the exercise room.
Furthermore, we expect from you as a customer that you observe the personal hygiene rules and ensure good body care.

Personal Property
The practice is not liable for loss, damage or theft of your property. We have made lockers available to store your belongings.

Do you have a complaint about the treatment or are you dissatisfied with the way we have treated you? We ask you to please make this known to us. This is so that we can get to a good solution with regard to the complaint and so that we can improving our quality.