Lymphatic drainage

What is lymphatic drainage massage?
(Be aware: only at Singel available)

Lymphatic drainage massage is a part of edema therapy. The lymphatic drainage massage is a very soft and superficial massage, where the lymphatic system will be stimulated and supported. In addition to the massage, taping, compression and exercise therapy, it also combines the edema therapy.

Edema therapy is a treatment method that is used for patients with abnormal fluid retention (excessive swelling), which is the cause of a disbalance in the lymphatic system.
With edema therapy, the flow of the lymphatic fluid and the lymph nodes are stimulated. Therefore an immediate result (diminished swelling) is visible and palpable. The patient will also feel immediate pain relief, since the pressure in the treated body part will diminish.

For which complaints can lymphatic drainage massage be used? 

Edema therapy can be used for following complaints:

  • Lymphatic edema (excessive swelling due to a blockage of the lymphatic system)
  • Swelling due to surgery, trauma or injuries (orthopedic but also plastic surgery)
  • Swelling and fibrotic tissue after cancer treatment (Chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal treatment)
  • Swelling, pain or fatigue due to autoimmune diseases

A lot of people don’t know that edema therapy can also be used for:

  • Dystrophy
  • Bruises
  • Migraine
  • Reuma
  • Trauma’s
  • Bowel irritations and bloating (complaints due to irritated intestines)
  • Pregnancy (swollen legs/arms)
  • complaints/swelling after plastic surgery
  • scar tissue treatment

What is the treatment process?

A specialised edema therapist will assess the problem and look for the cause of the problem. The treatment consists of a light draining massage and medical tape. During the massage, all important lymph nodes are stimulated. After treating the lymph nodes, the affected body part will be massaged. Medical tape is cut in a certain way and put on the skin to prolong the effect of the manual treatment.

Who can benefit from the treatment? What can you expect? 

Edema therapy is suitable for everyone with one of the above mentioned problems. Even if you cannot find your complaint in the list above, do not hesitate to ask us if we could do the treatment for your complaints.
From experience we have learned that a treated body part can heal faster because of the fact that waste products and dead cells are removed. Because of the reduced swelling, the patient’s quality of movement is better and and they don’t feel pain or pressure anymore.(

Edema therapy is covered by the Dutch Health care insurances since it is part of a physical therapy treatment. This is the only treatment where a referral from your general practitioner is needed.