What is Redcord therapy?

Do you experience lower back or neck pain? If so, you should try out our Redcord system. This system is unique in its activation of the small stabilising muscles in your body.

All (of) the small muscles that are located around joints (i.e. spine) to give those joints the support that they need. A lot of times those small, stabilising muscles are overruled by the big, global muscles (responsible for movements) in your body. When that happens, the small muscles do not get a chance to be active anymore, so slowly they become inactive. That is when the back problems and the pain starts: the joint is not stable anymore; therefore the brain receives pain signals.

Using the Redcord system, one does exercises with the hands or feet connected to unstable/unfixed ropes. Due to the instability, the nerves give the brain a signal (neuroactive stimulation, aka NEURAC method) to activate all the muscles in the body. That way the body is forced to use the small muscles in the body. With the smaller muscles activated, the large, global muscles can relax. Once all the structures pick up their “task”, muscle spasms and pain disappears.

For which complaints can Neurac and Redcord be used?
The Neurac method (Redcord training) can be used for almost all complaints in the body. The most common complaints that indicate a Redcord treatment are back, neck and pelvic pain (after pregnancy).

What is a typical Neurac Redcord treatment?
The Neurac/Redcord method is used after an initial assessment is done. If needed, a manual treatment is done before the training starts. Once in the ropes, another functional (movement) assessment is done to see which muscles are active and which are not. After that pattern is clear, the therapy will consist of exercises in the ropes in order to rule out weak links in the muscle chain.

Who is suited for the therapy and what can you expect?
This kind of therapy is suitable for everyone, since we can adjust the level of the exercise to individual’s personal needs. Since the treatment method tries to diminish the imbalance between different muscle groups, you can expect a quick result. Once the muscle chains are working, as they should, the pain will be gone and you will feel stronger than before

Are you curious and want to try out this therapy method?

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