Video consultation

From now on we offer consultations via via video. This means that you have a consultation with the physiotherapist from your home. At this time, the time of COVID-19, it is important to be able to guarantee safety. Because unfortunately it is currently not advisable, on the advice of RIVM, to come to practice, we now offer this extra service to help you as optimally as possible. If you are additionally insured, a video consultation will be reimbursed. If you are not insured, the rate for a normal physiotherapy session applies.

During the video consultation we give you information and advice about your complaint. We will map out your complaint and take your request for help into account. We will jointly go through relevant exercises, which you will receive immediately by e-mail through our online exercise program.

You can simply make an appointment for a video consultation with your own therapist. If you want to make an appointment with us for a video consultation for the first time, please contact us at:
whatsapp: 06 41537401.

Hopefully we see you soon at one of our laptops!

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