Prices is working together with all Dutch Health care insurances.
If you have an additional insurance package next to your basic insurance package,
physiotherapy will be covered by your insurance company. We are happy to help you to see how many sessions you will get covered.
To see one of our therapists, you do NOT need a referral from your general practitioner.

If you cannot make it to your appointment please cancel before 24 hours. Within 24 hours we have to charge your appointment.

Prices  2021

Telephone calls/ Video calls € 37,50* 
Physiotherapy intake and assessment € 50,- * 
Physiotherapy 30 min € 37,50  * 
Physiotherapy at home (just with referral) 45min € 50,00 * 
Manual Therapy 30min € 50,00 * 
Manual Therapy or Pelvic Floor intake and assessment 30min  € 50,00 * 
Pelvic Floor treatment 30min € 50,00 * 
Sportsmassage 30 min € 48,50 
Physiotherapy report for doctors or insurance company € 20,-  
Rental of crutches deposit € 20,-  
Cancellation fee for a physical therapy session, within 24 hrs € 37,50  
Cancellation fee for Therapy or Pelvic Floor therapy within 24hrs € 50, 00 

*The above mentioned prices are valid for people that are not insured by Dutch Health care insurances.

You can pay only with debit card directly after the treatment. We don’t accept cash. 


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