Vision has a unique concept in which personal attention, a quiet environment and the quality of physiotherapy are central. Complaints sometimes arise due to structural problems in the body, but stress and tension can also cause complaints. At we think it is important to really listen to the patient. In this way we ensure that an effective treatment plan can be put together.

With a team of ten physiotherapists, has a wide range of specializations. We use new treatment techniques, such as Redcord, ultrasound and dry needling. In addition, also offers effective types of treatments such as McKenzie therapy, Manual therapy and Pelvic physiotherapy. Due to our extensive experience with spinal cord injury patients, you can also come to us for neurological rehabilition.

The team of tries to take the personal situation and wishes of the patient into account as much as possible. Because sees each person as an invidue with their own needs and wishes, no protocols and standards are used. At, therefore, expert physiotherapists put together tailor-made treatments that suit the patient. We also treat patients at home on the recommendation of a GP if necessary. In addition to handling complaints, also focuses on injury prevention. This is done through training and through preventive treatments