Manual Therapy

For complaints of spine of joint related problems

Lymphatic drianage

To accelerate the lymphatic system

Redcord is unique in using this system very complete

Dry needling

Dryneedling is a technique for triggerpoints (stiff points) in the muscle

McKenzie therapy

For back- and neckproblems, a treamtent of self- education

Covid- 19 rehabilitation

We are experienced with complex care

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Treatments of joints and muscles 


Pelvic floor physical therapy

Specialized in treatment of the pelvic

Pelvic floor therapy for childeren

For childeren with pelvic floor problems

Mulligan Concept

Treatment for joints wich are painfull and limited 

Personal Training

Guidance in vitality to become stonger and more fit

Claudication Intermittens

Training and support 

(GLI) Combined Lifestyle Intervention)

To teach how to have a better lifestyle on the long term 

Neurological rehabilitation

Complex care of neurological patients