Below you will find an overview of all the locations of Fysio.com

Who, what, where?

On every location there are working physical therapists of Fysio.com. Below you can find an overview on wich location who is working and wich kind of specialisations there are. 

Location Beethovenstraat

This is our headquarter. We have 3 treatmentrooms and one big training area. We offer the following services on this location: 
Manual therapy, (child) Pelvic Floor therapy, Covid-19 Rehabilitation, Dryneedling, Redcord, GLI, Claudication Intermittens, Orthopedic  and Neurological rehabilitation, Mulligan Concept, Personal training and Grouplessons

Location Singel

In the middle of the city centre we have a small location with one big treatment room with a small training facility. Because of the one room you have full privacy and attention. We have the following service besides physiotherapy: Dryneedling, Redcord, McKenzie and  Lymphatic Drainage

The following therapist is working here: 

Sigrid de Vries 

Location de Gymzaal

De Gymzaal is a gym for small group training and personal training. Fysio.com has her own treatment room and can make use of the training area if this is needed. The service we offer here are: Dryneedling en Redcord

The following therapists are working here:  

Annemiek Ziengs
Matan Bonn

Incompany East

Inside a EMEA office we offer physiotherapy to the staff from the office. They visit us work hours wich is very efficient. We offer the following services besides physiotherapy: Dryneedling, Manual Therapy, Mckenzie Therapy, Lymfatic Drainage. 

The following therapists are working here: 

Sigrid de Vries 
Kato Huybrechts 

Incompany South

We offer physiotherapy in a lawyers office, we have our own treatmentroom where the staff can visit our physical/ manual therapist during working hours. We offer  besides physiotherapy the following therapy: Manual Therapy

The following therapist is working here: 

Cindy Hoeben

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