Wibbo Hummelen

About Wibbo
During my physiotherapy studies, I practiced a lot of sport and therefore it was logical that I wanted to continue studying for my master's in sports physiotherapy. During this study I came into contact with ultrasound and ever since, I have continued to delve into this. Ultrasound is an additional added value in (sports) physiotherapy because it can immediately provide insight into  the structure of the possible injury.

In 2015 I started with FysioEchografie Mobiel to be able to offer ultrasound with other practices. As a result, I am now also working at Fysio.com on Fridays to provide patients with an ultrasound examination should this be necessary.


  • Bsc Physiotherapy
  • Master Sports physiotherapy
  • Msc musculoskeletal ultrasound i.o.

Interests in physical therapy
Msc musculoskeletal ultrasound i.o.I have a broad interest in sports but if I am not busy doing ultrasound and the wind is good, then I prefer to go windsurfing on the water.