Robin Jetten

Robin Jetten

About Robin
I graduated as a physiotherapist at the physiotherapy training in Amsterdam.I played tennis a lot from a very young age.You can say that sport is really my passion. My interest in physiotherapy arose when I had a knee injury at the age of 16 and had to undergo surgery twice. Before my rehabilitation, I often visited a physiotherapist and my interest in the human body increased. Since the 1st February 2017 I have been working at I have worked as a personal trainer at Studioprikkels in Oud-Zuid and I also have worked for a year at a different practice in Amsterdam and supervised a football team from the main class.


  • BSc Fysiotherapie

Specialisations and Courses

  • Redcord
  • Neurac 1

Interests in physiotherapy
During the intake I think it is important to listen to the wishes of the client and I take that into the  treatment plan. I like helping other people and getting them pain free again after the treatments. In the near future I want to develop further as a physiotherapist and am interested in manual therapy.