Jaron de Groot

About Jaron
My interest in physiotherapy comes from a strong interest in the human body and health. In 2013, I graduated as a physiotherapist at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Since then I have enjoyed working in various physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices. I love sports and have also done other things such as fitness training and yoga. I have also trained myself in these fitness modalities.I really enjoy working at Fysio.com.


  • BSc physical therapy


  • Dry Needling
  • Medical Taping

Interests in physical therapy
I see it as a challenge as a physiotherapist to help patients recover on a physical, psychological and emotional level.I approach a request for help from an overall picture of these components.The experience and the patient's request for help are the focal point and I make tailor-made treatment in consultation with the patient.I try to achieve the optimal result, adjusted to the preferences and load-bearing capacity of the patient.