Pelvic floor therapy for childeren

Child pelvic physiotherapy (KFBT)

What is child pelvic physiotherapy?
KFBT is the specialty, in which our pelvic physiotherapist, specializes in problems concerning the abdomen, pelvis and pelvic floor in children. The treatment is focused on urinary and / or faecal problems, bedwetting or chronic abdominal pain complaints.

For which complaints can KFBT be used?
The complaints that our child pelvic physiotherapist can treat are:
• urinary and / or faecal loss
• troubled bladder, urinating very often
• not getting to the toilet in time
• holding on too long to urinate
• blockage in the intestines, constipation
• loss of appetite, abdominal pain, lethargy
• bladder infections
• fear of urinating or defecating
• bedwetting
• problems in the field of sexuality (in older children)

These complaints can have a major impact on the life of your child and your family.
Children, but also their parents, are often ashamed of these complaints and do not dare to speak or talk with others about this.

How does a treatment work?
When you come to our pelvic floor therapist there will first be a conversation with parent and child.
Here the help request is inventoried and you will receive questions about your child’s urinating, pooping, toilet posture, eating and drinking. Also some questions about his / her complete development and functioning. Subsequently a physical examination can be done.In children, problems can occur if the pelvic floor muscles are too tight and / or do not tighten or relax in the right way or at the right moment. An operation in the abdominal or pelvic area or through a traumatic experience can also cause symptoms.

Who is it for and what can you expect?
KFBT is for every child who experiences symptoms around the abdomen, pelvis and pelvic floor.
Out therapist makes a treatment plan with you and your child. The therapy in children with urinary and / or faecal problems may consist of:
• Explanation about the origin and possible cause of the complaint
• Information: with the help of fun and clear sheet material, it gets
child insight into his or her urination / poop problem.
• Learning proper toilet behavior / toilet rhythm / toilet posture
• General advice regarding drinking and eating

Exercise therapy aimed at:
General body feeling and movement
Awareness and function of the pelvic floor muscles
Improving urination and stool technique
Adequately respond to pressure and to increase bladder capacity
Relaxed breathing
Relaxation generally

Often there is a referral by a GP or specialist. However, a reference is not necessary. You can also make an appointment on your own initiative.

Child pelvic physiotherapy is reimbursed from the basic insurance as child physiotherapy. These are a maximum of 18 treatments. If your child needs guidance for a longer period of time, the supplementary insurance can reimburse this. The reimbursement depends on your supplementary package. 

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