What is Shockwave?

Have you been suffering from injuries for a long time that do not go away? Shockwave therapy is a treatment in which the physical therapist strengthens a recovery process in the body by means of mechanical vibrations. Especially for the treatment of chronic tendon disorders, shockwave therapy has proven to be effective. Via sound waves a certain pressure is moved to the spot where the injury is located. These sound waves improve blood circulation and metabolism in the injury area, which reduces the pain.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) can be classified using the energy flux density (EFD). This is the amount of energy (mJ) per mm2. Depending on the EFD, three effects can be generated:

  • Mechanical (lime degradation)
  • Molecular (tissue regeneration)
  • Analgesic (pain reduction)

When is Shockwave applied?

  • Long-lasting tendon complaints (with or without calcification) of
    • heel
    • achilles heel
    • knee
    • elbow
    • shoulder
  • Shin splints
  • Muscle stretching

Who is it for and what can you expect?
For the people who keep the complaint despite a good exercise program, shockwave therapy is a good option. Wibbo, our physiotherapist who specializes in this, will first of all make an ultrasound after a short intake and examination to show the complaint. Following this, if an indication is shown,then shockwave will be applied. The session lasts a total of 20 minutes.

At, Wibbo Hummelen works every Friday.

Wibbo specializes in Shockwave Therapy and has his own company called FysioEchografie Mobiel, registered with the Dutch Society for Musculoskeletal Shockwave Therapy. Shockwave falls under a normal physiotherapy session and is reimbursed by your health insurer provided you have an additional package.

Would you like to make an appointment? Wibbo is available every Friday morning. You can email at:

Shockwave is covered by the Dutch Health care insurances since it is part of a physical therapy treatment.

Do you want to make an appointment? We will make sure that we can help you asap.