Personal training

Why personal training?

The personal training at is given by Floor Blijenberg.  Full attention for you alone while you work on your strength and condition. 

Floor will be aware of your quality of movement and will analyse the way you do your exercises. During the intake, your personal goals will be discussed extensively. If you have an injury, a good map is made of what is going on, so that a training schedule is made that reduces or even disappears the complaint. If you also need physiotherapy, there will also be a treatment plan for physiotherapy and you will receive a training program that suits your starting level. The process in which physiotherapy and personal training. 

Floor her mission is to make you feel healthier in a safe and responsible way. Training has a purpose and the training program you follow is well thought out and specially tailored to you with regard to load, mobility, movement pattern, injuries. You are the centre of attention!

Floor is working in her own company called Next Level Performance. For more information visit her website:

Do you want  to follow personal training by Floor?

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