Covid-19 Rehabilitation

(Be aware: not at location Singel)

From now on we offer treatments for the rehabilitation of patients with Covid-19. Our physiotherapists have experience with rehabilitation care for complex conditions. Undergoing Covid-19 has a major impact on your health. Both patients who have undergone hospitalization and those who have recovered at home require physical therapy. A clear recommendation has been drawn up from our physiotherapy profession, which we have studied at

How to start?

The first treatments will be done via video calling or video consultation. We will map your overall muscle strength, breath strength, endurance and your daily activities. The request for help and complaints will be inventoried and a treatment plan will be drawn up taking into account your personal goals. Via an online exercise program, the exercises discussed during the consultation will be immediately shared by e-mail. We will keep in close contact during the treatment process with your specialist and / or general practitioner.

The treatments

During the treatments we will pay attention to building muscle strength and fitness and breathing muscle training.

If you are ventilated for a long time you will experience several complaints, beside that, the experience at the IC can have a significant impact. The combination of various complaints after ICU admission is also known as PICS syndrome (Post Intensive Care Syndrome). This often requires a combined treatment of several disciplines. If you have undergone the virus at home, you can of course also experience many complaints where physiotherapy will be a necessity and we are ready to assist you in this.

As soon as it is possible to see you in our practice or in the home situation, we will take all protective measures to make this possible. Our organisation of physical therapy recommends the first six weeks to be treated remotely.

Want to make an appointment?

How do you make an appointment? You can contact your respective therapist or you can contact the practice.
Mail to:
Or send a message to: 06 41537401

If you are additionally insured, this consultation will be reimbursed. If not, no problem, the normal rate for a physiotherapy session will be charged.

We hope to see you soon!

Do you recover from Covid-19 and need help with the recovery? Make an appointment now!