Claudication Intermittens

What is Claudication Intermittens?

The cause of this is the condition of peripheral arterial disease (PAV). In this condition, the arteries in the legs are narrowed, causing too little oxygen to be supplied to the muscles. This causes cramping pain or numbness in the leg during and after exertion. This pain often occurs in the calves, but can also occur in the thighs or glutes. After rest, the pain disappears, from which the term display legs: patients try to mask the pain by forced to look at the shop window.

Claudication Intermittens is caused by arteriosclerosis. In arteriosclerosis, the walls become stiffer and thicker, causing narrowing. These thickenings, also known as plaques, are caused by an accumulation of smooth muscle cells and cholesterol. Due to the narrowing in the arteries to and from the legs, the blood flows more slowly and an oxygen deficiency in the leg muscles arises during exercise.

Physiotherapy at Claudicatio Intermittens
Physical therapy has been proven effective in reducing pain, increasing the maximum and functional walking distance and improving the quality of life. In addition, there are indications of a positive effect on life expectancy by decreasing the number of heart and cerebral infarctions. A number of questionnaires and tests are completed at the start of the first treatment, including a treadmill test. Based on this, a training schedule is drawn up. Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, in addition to treadmill training, you also perform exercises to improve your muscle strength and condition.

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