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A complete offer of pre- and postpartum therapy

Cooperation within

At we try to guide you as best as possible during and after your pregnancy. The communication lines are short within, so that the various therapists are aware of your situation. Within we offer the following specializations for both pre- and postpartum:
– Pelvic physiotherapy
– Osteopathy
– Personal Training
– Vitality and nutrition
– Course ‘Relaxed birth’

Below you will find more information about the offer. For more information, please contact Sigrid de Vries,

Course ' Relaxed Birth'

The birth of your baby is a special moment. It is impossible to predict how this will unfold. But it is precisely the trust in yourself, your body, your partner and knowing what choice and relaxation options you have, make sure you are looking forward to the delivery and together creating a positive birth experience! And I wish that to everyone woman / couple! That is why I took the pregnancy course “Relaxed birth” with hypnobirthing and mindfulness. The pregnancy course is practical and inspiring, not floaty, but fun and informative!

Every Sunday between 2.30 pm and 5 pm. For more information, please contact Gina Spierenburg:



Our osteopath Sary works every Tuesday at Contact details:
Sary van der Hasselt

Sary has extensive experience in treating women before and after delivery.

Personal training

Floor Blijenberg is our personal trainer experienced in training women both before and after childbirth.

Women recover faster after childbirth if they are fitter and often experience little or no complaints during and after pregnancy.

Pre Natal Training: You can prepare yourself for the delivery by keeping yourself as fit as possible by means of train. The approach to training is very different from when you are not pregnant. This must take into account the term you are in. The changing hormone balance. Your energy level. Everything for a healthy mother and of course, the baby.

Post Natal Training: After the delivery, you probably also want to recover well and, above all, responsibly. Your body has delivered a top performance and feels completely different than before pregnancy. In function and in terms of feeling you want to slowly “own” your body again. Feel like it’s yours again after sharing it with love. You want to slowly get stronger and fitter.

I’m here for you, so if you want my help, please get in touch:


Pelvic Floor Therapy

Fleur and Florine are our pelvic physiotherapists. They can help you with a wide range of complaints in your pelvic area.

During pregnancy and after pregnancy there are many changes of the pelvis and pelvic floor. These changes can cause annoying complaints. As a pelvic physiotherapist we specialize in all pelvic and pelvic floor complaints. Complaints that may occur are, for example, pain complaints in the pelvic area, coccyx pain, vaginal heaviness, loss of urine, constipation complaints, pain during intercourse. Advice, exercises and pelvic physiotherapy treatment can help you during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Do you have complaints in your pelvis or pelvic floor?
Please contact:

Kopie van Zonder titel (59)

Vitality and nutrition

Annemiek Ziengs is our specialist in vitality and nutrition. Contact details:
Annemiek Ziengs