House rules during Covid- 19

These are special circumstances regarding the treatment of our patients. 
Both your and our safety are priority. 

When you have an appointment at our practice, we ask your attention to follow our advice regarding the precautions. It’s also possible to schedule a video consultation or call appointment.

  • Do you have 1 of the following complaints in the past 24 hours: Fever, Sneezing, Cough, Shortness of breath, Cold?
  • Do you have a housemate with a fever or shortness of breath?
  • Have you had the coronavirus and has it been diagnosed (in a lab) in the past 7 days?
  • Do you have a housemate with the coronavirus and have you had contact with him / her in the past 10 days while he / she still had complaints?
  • Are you in quarantine because: you had direct contact with someone who was diagnosed with the coronavirus or returned from a COVID-19 (code orange) risk area?
    Please make a new appointment or book a video consultation with your therapist.

  • Bring your own mouth mask. We kindly ask you to wear this in our treatmentroom
  • Bring two big or three small towels
  • Entrance is maximum 5 minutes before your appointment

At arrival:
– Wash your hands in the kitchen and dry your hands with the paper towels and deposit them in the closed waste bin
– Optionally you can clean your hands with the alcohol pump
– Try to avoid going to our bathroom/toilet
– Preferably be present no earlier than 2 minutes before the start of your appointment
– A maximum of two people in the waiting room with a distance of 1.5 meters. Are you the third person? Then wait outside or in the exercise area
– Come alone to your appointment, except for minors
– Magazines, coffee / tea facilities are offered, wash your hands before and after using it. 

The treatment
– Please wear a mouth mask
– Move as far as possible to maintain 1.5 meters away from the therapist
– When you are examined, this happens in silence
– If you are going to do exercises, please wear your sport-outfit on forhand.

The measures for our therapists from
– Wash hands when entering the practice
– Wear a clean shirt with a short sleeve
– Disinfect arms
– Wash your hands before appointment with patient
– Wash your hands after treating the patient
– Dry your hands with paper towels
– Wear protective equipment where necessary: apron, gloves, glasses, mask*
– Clean treatment room after treatment
– Cleaning of exercise materials after practice session
– Cleaning of door handles and edges of the doors regularly
– As little as possible is discussed during research and hands-on treatment
– Where possible, keep a distance of 1.5 meters
– If 1.5 meters is not possible, the therapist will wear all protective equipment and there will be no speaking*
– Appointments with patients are planned alternately, so that there is as little traffic of people at the same time as possible
The categorization of the KNGF model is used to consider whether or not to use protective equipment. Every therapist from is aware of this.

For any questions you can contact us by:

020- 7529451/ 06- 41537401 

Or send an email to info@fysio.