Why fysio.com?

Fysio.com works with a unique concept where our physiotherapists focus on:

  • treating you according to the latest and highest physiotherapy standards
  • giving you personal attention
  • listening to your wishes and expectations and including this into the treatment plan.
  • creating a relaxing and calm environment for you.

Physical complaints can develop due to the structural problems in the body, but they can also develop due to too much stress and tension. Lots of people suffer from complaints deriving from stress at work or at home.

All of our therapists at fysio.com are trained to personalise the treatment(s) according to the needs of the individual.

Our team consists of six physiotherapists, each with his/her area of expertise and specialisation. Every therapist attends courses on a regular basis, thus enabling us to stay current with the latest treatment techniques which include

Dry Needling, Diagnostic Ultrasound imaging or Redcord®© training and treatment. In addition to those treatment methods we also offer *** McKenzie therapy (back- and neck pain) and Manual lymphatic drainage massage (swelling after trauma, surgery or disease).

During the process of making an efficient treatment plan, our physiotherapists will take your personal situation into account in conjunction with our medical expertise in order to achieve the best and the optimal treatment results.

In our practice, the individual is the center of attention, we do not believe in only treating with standardised guidelines as in, ‘one size fits all’, therefore, the treatment can vary between different patients.

We also offer home treatment when circumstances dictate to treat patients at home. For treatments at home, we require a referral from the general practitioner.

Fysio.com places an emphasis on injury prevention.  We believe that with training and preventive treatments, the body can thrive and remain healthy for a long time.