Julian Jaring

I chose to be a physiotherapist after I have been treated myself by physiotherapists during the time when I was playing Basketball on a professional level in the Netherlands. The experience as a patient but also being involved in high class sports, made it easy for me to choose to work in the medical field. Since I still love to work out and be active, next to my work asĀ  a physiotherapist, I also work as a personal trainer at Powercoach Studio.


  • BSc Physical therapy


  • Honours traject dissection, AMC Amsterdam
  • Physiotherapy in sports
  • Geriatrics
  • Medical taping
  • Neurac treatment/Redcord
  • Dry Needling
  • FAT (Fascial Abrasion Technique)

Interests within physical therapy

Since I am a physical therapist but also a personal trainer, I like to combine both skills during the treatments of my patients. I like to train people to become stronger and fitter after an injury or disease. I like to help them to pick up activities of daily life, but also train them further to be able to do sports again. I like to expand my knowledge by doing various courses in order to be able to treat my patients as holistic as possible.