Andrea Marcussen

After living in different countries, 6 years ago I decided to move to the Netherlands to study physical therapy at the European School of Physiotherapy. At the age of 6, I started playing football. Later, when I moved to Hong Kong, I played football on a higher level in the school team. It was great fun until I ruptured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). To be able to play football after my injury, I had to do a lot of rehab with a Physiotherapist. Since then I was very interested in Physiotherapy, but especially in the human body. I realised that I wanted to keep learning and specialising more, therefore I started studying Osteopathy. I am almost finished  studying now and I am very happy to have made this decision, since I can treat my patients in a holistic manner (by combining physical therapy and Osteopathy).

  • BSc Physical therapy
  • Msc Osteopathy


  • Dry needling
  • Neurac treatment/Redcord

Interests within physical therapy
I like to look at a complaint or injury in a holistic way. During my Master studies for Osteopathy I have learned different techniques that give me a wider range of treatment possibilities. Therefore I can combine physical therapy treatment methods with Osteopathy methods in order to give the best treatment possible.